Sunday, February 8, 2015

Two Books

Take Me To Paradise
a novel

Marilyn wakes up one morning and instead of catching the bus to work, catches the ‘I don’t like Mondays’ flight to Bali. But is she too late to indulge her paradise dream? How many western women have arrived before her and fallen headlong for the lush green island, its exotic culture, and their attractive driver?

Set in the artisan hill town of Ubud, Bali, in the aftermath of the bombing that rocked Bali's famed peace and serenity, Jan Cornall’s novel explores notions of paradise and a modern woman’s quest for meaning in an increasingly hostile world.

Take Me to Paradise shows how different the paradise dream can be: for a western woman, for a Balinese man, for a Balinese wife, and the many characters Marilyn meets. Cornall reminds us, as the Balinese do, that while the painful events of our lives leave their mark, if we are to go on living, we have no choice but to let them go.

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“Marilyn’s escape is one that turns into a journey, not so much of self-discovery as one of self-awakening -- of senses and sensuality, independence and individuality. Paradise, in this sense, exists within oneself. Part travel journal, part diary, Take Me to Paradise is a gem of a novella likely to become a well-worn travel companion. Chisato Hara, Jakarta Post

“Take Me to Paradise is a story of loss, longing and the search for meaning in the garden island of Bali. Can we find what we're looking for by escaping to a kinder, gentler world; is every journey an inner journey; or does a culture more attuned to finding happiness amidst the vagaries of life have something to teach us?"
Rob Schneider, author, blogger, Sihanoukville.

“Take Me to Paradise is about the paradox between east and west. The Balinese live a very simple life in a complex environment. Westerners come to Bali to find romance. They find it and much more. Marilyn must choose between transitioning to the sacred heart to find her inner happiness, or lost and afraid, remain ignorant at the gate.”
Lily Campbell, Bali

“Jan Cornall approaches the travel romance genre and subverts it with satirical insight. The best satire cuts deep; you can cut with cruelty or you can cut with a compassionate understanding of our human failings.  It is no surprise that Cornall does the latter and once again we reap the benefit.”
Brian Joyce, writer, former director Hunter Writers Centre.

Archipelagogo – Love Songs to Indonesia 
A collection of poems, songs and stories with illustrations by Indonesian artist, Jumaadi.

Penned during a decade of travel around Indonesia, many of these love-song-poems about people, places and the complexities of cross-cultural relationships, have been sung acapella to audiences at literary festivals across the Asia Pacific region. With a frank and fresh approach, Jan applies her playful wit and raw insight to her experiences as a naive bule (foreigner) who falls in love with everything Indonesian and every Indonesian she meets. With songs and poems like Indonesian Handbag, Jogja Cowboy, Lampung Boy, Married Men Invite You In, Pleasure and Pain, Money Honey, Exotic Erotic, Jan’s literary cabaret takes you on a tour of the sights and sounds of Indonesia via a map of the heart.
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“This book is a treasure trove of sensual, literary and musical delights revealingly embedded in Indonesian culture and place.” 
Narelle Scotford, author.

“A fantasy Balinese folk tale called Seven Husbands is certainly my favourite part of the book. In it a Balinese woman uses her desire to rebel against our oppressive Balinese culture and show the men that women have needs just like them, whether in terms of education, participation in ‘Banjar’ community activities, voicing our need to be heard or for gaining equality in sexual desire. It shows that Balinese culture is not paying a lot of attention to basic human needs such as sex, still pretending it doesn’t exist and still upholding the taboo to talk about it. I would recommend it to both Indonesians and westerners to raise and eyebrow and question their innocent sweet smile. “  
Desak Yoni,  Balinese author.

'A visually stunning array, a concoction of diarist tales even Borges would be proud of.”  
Tony Laurent, Architect.

“Late last year I stumbled upon a wonderful evening at Bar Luna in Jalan Goutama Ubud, as part of the Ubud writers festival. It was Jan Cornall and her Archipelagogo cabaret and I felt like I had been transported back to a time when performances were more personal, what some call 'old school'. To me it means multi skilled, multi talented, funny, smart, relaxed; like being welcomed into the artists home, but with the edge of sharp wit. My friends and I left laughing and singing one of her ditties which had definitely touched the spot for one friend in particular,who felt as if Jan had read her emails to friends back in Australia of the idiosycratic lifestyle of an expat in Bali. We all agreed..."they dont make em like they used to!" Jan is a treasure.”  Maria Wilson, Artist


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