Monday, February 25, 2013

Money honey


I don’t need your body honey
I just want your money honey
You can keep your body honey
All for yourself

But I will love your body honey
I will make you feel so sunny
You will feel so happy
To be sharing your wealth

You’ll feel like a million dollars
Everywhere you go I’ll follow
Never will you ever have to
Be all alone

I will make you feel so happy
You won’t let my clothes stay shabby
You won’t ever worry
When I ask for a loan

(Chorus )
You want my body
I want your money

You’ll be my honey

We’ll feel so sunny

Even if I’m much much younger
We will always share the hunger
You for me and me for you
It never will die

You can be as old as leather
We will vow to stay together
People always shake their heads
And wonder why

You want my body
I want your money

You’ll be my honey

We’ll feel so sunny

As time goes by and we’ve forgotten
What it was that got us started
What it was that stirred in our heart and soul

As we settle in domestic bliss
We wonder how it came to this
How our mismatched love
Became to be so strong

You want my body
I want your money
You’ll be my honey
We’ll feel so sunny
I’ll never leave you
When you die I’ll grieve you
I’ll have your money but
Then I’ll miss you
Don’t ever leave me
Please believe me
When I say I love you
I really love you
You really helped me
How can I repay you
Now I ‘m older
But where’s your shoulder
Who can I turn to
When I get lonely
There must be someone
A little younger 
Who’ll make me feel
Like I’m getting stronger
Who can I help now
With your money
Who can I take now
For my honey
But they’ll just want me
For my money
And I’ll be thinking
Ain’t it funny
But they cant compare
With you my honey
And I just don’t care now for the money
Cos more than ever I miss your body
I want your body not your money
But your body’s gone now
In the ground now
While I remember
Our days so sunny
Where have you gone now
Why did you leave me
Forever long now
I'll always grieve you
In our love now
I’ll never leave you
All your money
I’d give to see you
In my arms now
With all your charms now
I miss you so much

My sugaaaaar mommy

(c) Jan Cornall Lovina 2007 
Paintings (c) Jumaadi, courtesy of the artist and Watters Gallery.

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