Monday, February 25, 2013

Rich Bitch

I wanna be rich
a real rich bitch
If you’ll pardon my French
I’m sick of the stench
Of being poor
And just like you I want more and more
I wanna be rich

I wanna be great
Hope it isn’t too late
Show the world I care
Spread wisdom everywhere
At the same time get rich
I wanna be rich

And I’m gonna do good
Like I know we all should
And give to the poor
Til there’s no poor anymore
As long as before
I get to be rich
So fucking rich!

Rich Bitch Global Inc
What do you think?
My intellectual property
Don’t try to take it away from me
Or I’ll sue your arse
Just wait and see
Cos I can cos I’m rich
I’m the real rich bitch

To be rich is my dream
Can’t be hard as it seems
All the gurus say
You’ll get rich in a day
If you buy my book, my dvd
Drink my juice
You’ll become like me
A rich fucking bastard
 On reality TV

I have to be rich
There’ no way out of it
For everyday I go to the shop
Everything always costs so much
There’s two alternatives that I see
Die or be rich
Die or be rich
Die or be riiiiiiiiiiiiiiich

(c) Jan Cornall Ubud 2005  (first performed at open mike at the Flava Lounge in Ubud and again in 2006 in the show MUM and HER BASTARD SONS with young artist/musicians in Jogjakarta)

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